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In the common conceptual of Malaysian, medical and healthcare services only come to one mind when there is a discomfort felt. However, this usually led to an urgent screening, wrong diagnosis, and poor prognosis. Yet, health screening is a powerful tool less exploited and poorly educated to the needs of common publics.

The busy daily routine and pressure of living cost have long burdened the Malaysian health tremendously. Personal willingness and urgency of undergoing routine health screening to ensure proper body maintenance have been long neglected. Unfortunately, this is causing Malaysia to be one of the prevalence countries in Obesity, high blood pressure and diabetics.

Lacking awareness in health management and difficulties in medical assessment is a major community issue that impairs the wellbeing and productivity of communities. WPH has noticed about the problems and started to act years back to provide solutions to fill the void.

WPH started from walk-in and home-services, expanded to owning our own mobile team for rural communities, and now serves corporate clients in major cities.  WPH delivers health screening and medical services to the doorsteps of our clients. On WPH’s path of growth, WPH too educate and share the knowledge of health.

WPE strives to enhance extraordinary services to the clients by venturing into research and development of better medical devices based on the needs and feedback of all valuable clients. WPH is steadily progressing into bringing comfortable and convenient in clients sample taking, continuous monitoring and healthcare professional assessment.

While WPH continue to create the ease of healthcare assessment and better solutions to “painful” health screening, WPH work on the digitalization of this industry. WPH innovated in the field to bring a meaning to health screening report and result, as WPH turn common figures into metadata and eventually led to solutions needed for a better community’s health and future.

As a result, WPH has been defined as comprehensive services and solutions provider to the healthcare and medical industry by focusing on creating a healthier community.


To bridge the gap of healthcare services assessment.

To create awareness and importance of health.

To innovate existing medical devices.

To develop AI integrated platform for healthcare digitalization.

To revolutionary the existing healthcare ecosystem.


Innovation excels in healthcare ecosystem – from personal to community

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